R&D & Funding

If you anticipate any impact on clinical trials supplies over the coming weeks, then please get in touch with [email protected], this mailbox will be monitored over the Christmas period. 

There is no change to the current arrangements for EU-related R&D and funding during the transition period until 31 December 2020.  

Global Talent Visa

The government has announced changes to the immigration rules for researchers and scientists. The Global Talent Visa is a new route for researchers to work and live in the UK.

After the end of the transition period

At the end of the Transition Period, depending on the terms of any future relationship agreed with the EU, there are likely to be changes that could affect to business’ R&D activities and funding. The links to guidance below include some previous no deal advice provided by the Government, which could be relevant if there is no agreement on a future relationship with the EU before the end of 2020.


R&D funding     

The government’s guarantee for EU-funded programmes if there’s no Brexit deal

How Horizon 2020 funding will be affected if there’s a no-deal Brexit


Animals and biological material   

Importing animals and animal products in a no-deal Brexit

Exporting animals and animal products in a no-deal Brexit

Trading and moving endangered species protected by CITES if there's a no-deal Brexit

Guidance from the HTA on the handling and transport of human tissue and organs if there is a no-deal Brexit

Importing and exporting plants and plant products if there’s a no-deal Brexit

UK regulations on access to genetic resources and the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from their utilisation (the Nagoya Protocol) that will continue to be operable after the UK leaves the EU


R&D reagents and material              

How to comply with REACH chemical regulations

What operators need to do to move radioactive sources between the UK and EU if there’s a no-deal Brexit