Welcome to the BIA Brexit Portal

This website contains advice and links to the latest guidance on Brexit for biotech businesses and wider life sciences sector.

There continues to be considerable uncertainty about Brexit, with a range of potential outcomes still in play and shifting rapidly.  Our aim is to provide access to the most up to date advice and information so that businesses can make informed decisions and prepare appropriately.

We know we will not be able to answer all your questions. The focus is on the most important information, including how to prepare for a no-deal Brexit.  Our programme of activities is designed to gather feedback on the issues and concerns of our sector that we can use to challenge and seek additional clarity where necessary.

This work is part-funded by a government grant through the Brexit Readiness Fund



4 actions to prepare for a No Deal Brexit


1. Go to gov.uk for information relevant to your businesses

Answer seven simple questions about your business on www.gov.uk/brexit to receive the guidance that is relevant to your business. Sign up for email updates. 

2. Prepare for new cross-border processes and requirements

Businesses will need to complete additional paperwork and actions to move goods between the UK and EU. Review specific actions required for importing and exporting.

3. Follow regulations to sell medical products in the EEA and UK 

Medical suppliers will need to establish their MAHs, applicants and QPPV in the EEA to sell any products there. Businesses will also need UK establishments by the end of 2020 to sell in the UK. Review the MRHA guidance on regulatory requirements.

4. Continue Right to Work checks and support EEA and Swiss citizens

Conduct Right to Work checks for new employees, support employees applying to the EU Settlement Scheme and inform those arriving after a no-deal exit about European Temporary Leave to Remain